Hi Ian
I’m really concerned as I’m having awful dreams about my fish dying. I have a large tank and over 50 fish and love them all dearly. Collecting and caring for fish is my prized hobby and the thought of any fish dying is just saddening. I have these dreams almost every single night where one or all fish die. Each dream is different but most of them I find the fish floating at the top. It is beginning to disturb me and have now developed a fear of loosing my fish.
Please help!! I’m desperate!!

Dream Meaning
The language of dreams is imaginal and not often literal, so dreaming about your fish dying is unlikely to reflect the loss of your actual fish in waking life.

When we dream about fish it usually means that we are contemplating aspects of our own intuitive nature. Water is associated with our emotions, so as fish inhabit, and are able to navigate the water, we are made aware of the link to our intuitive knowledge that arises through our emotions. Dreaming about a beloved pet that has died is often about some instinct that needs to be nurtured and has in some way felt neglected or unattended to.

The fact that you care well for your fish in your waking life seems to indicate a natural affinity with your intuitive and emotional nature. This is also reflected in your dreams, however, internally you have observed quite a different outcome. Your dreams may be revealing that you have a huge amount to gain from nurturing your intuitive self-expression and by doing so you may inspire (rather than expire) and find it to be a rewarding experience.

To get an idea of how your instincts can be encouraged to surface perhaps you could try asking yourself ‘If I were one of my fish, what sort of environment would support me to flourish?’ By exploring dream metaphors in this way, we are able to reveal a lot about ourselves that perhaps we didn’t even know we knew.