Hello Ian
I don’t know if it’s because of the recent earthquake in Chile and the volcano in Iceland, but I keep having a dream where I am just walking down the street and suddenly everything starts to shake. Big gaps start appearing in the roads and hot gases start erupting out of a big hole that has opened up in front of me. A big flow of boiling lava is heading towards me but instead of running away, I manage to arrange some uprooted paving slabs into a channel and direct the lava into the hole to fill it up and smooth it over.

Our dreams use our past and present experiences to express thoughts and feelings that we find difficult to articulate in waking life, so we often incorporate current events into them. Dreaming of walking down the street indicates that your life seems to have been proceeding quite routinely. However, something has happened recently that has shaken you up a bit and you are trying to navigate your way through all the disruptions.

Earthquakes occur when two apparently stable areas collide and this suggests that one area of your life is beginning to severely impact another area. This might be that your work life is starting to affect your home life and is causing a lot of friction. This conflict is creating a lot of unseen tension under the surface and starts to erupt as you feel the need to vent your frustrations.

Although this situation is potentially quite destructive, you have the presence of mind to try and make the most of this frustrating experience. Rather than trying to run away from the situation and avoid it, you are channelling your energies into finding a way to patch things up. This will help to resolve these underlying tensions in your life.