Dear Professor Wallace, I have been recently having a lot of “end of the world” dreams, where I will be amongst many people in a bus, in the middle of the town or somewhere and then there will be like a mad panic to search for higher ground as in the distance the sea can be seen to getting closer and closer. The ground starts moving and volcanoes appear. I have had some really vivid ones. Another dream i get quite a lot is getting chased from lions,tigers and bears. Can you please enlighten me on what all this is meaning.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about the end of the world, we are often preparing ourselves to navigate some major change in our own personal worlds. The people in the bus and being in the middle of the town suggests that this change is taking place in your working environment. Your search for higher ground indicates that you are probably trying to achieve a higher level of professional recognition in your workplace.

Although you are trying to remain objective about this approaching change, the moving ground  shows that it will probably involve some personal upheaval that will redefine your circumstances. Even though you may be trying to ignore it, this is making you feel anxious about expressing your real feelings about the situation. The volcanoes symbolise issues that you feel really passionate about but that you are finding difficult to communicate to others. You are concerned that voicing your feelings might be quite destructive.

This is echoed in your animal dreams. These animals represent your instinctive and untamed impulses and you are trying to control these in waking life by keeping your emotions in check. However, the key to successfully navigating this period of change is to acknowledge your deeper feelings and channel them positively without erupting uncontrollably.