Dear Ian,
My recurring dream is that I am packing both at home and away from home but no matter how much I pack more and more stuff appears and I never get to the end of it I end up missing my flight etc because I just cant finish the packing. I have dreamt this every week for the last few years. My dreams are very vivid and long and I am sometimes exhausted by morning!

Dream Meaning
When we dream of packing, we are reflecting on how we organise our waking lives so we can pack as much as possible into them. Although you may seem really disorganised in your dream, I imagine that you are a very organised person in waking life. However, no matter how much you try and pack into your life, it seems as if there is always more to do. All this packing and organising is done in the hope that your efforts will take you somewhere special, beyond the routine of everyday life.

The missed flight indicates an opportunity that you feel you have missed because you have been so busy trying to fulfil the hopes and dreams of others. This reflects a continuing frustration that the fulfillment that you are striving for seems so elusive in your waking life. Your dream is actually trying to connect you with your higher sense of self and that is the opportunity that you are missing.

To move on from this dream, there is some baggage that you need to let go of in your waking life. Rather than trying to fulfil the hopes and dreams of everyone else, you should focus on what makes you feel happy and fulfilled and leave all that excess baggage behind.