HELP!!! I would love someone, finally, to shed a little light on my recurring dream…There’s always a volcano which is erupting in the background and I’m usually making preparation to escape the lava flow.  I’m gathering up people. Pets, and belongings.  I feel it’s Vesuvius although I’m not sure.  There’s always a deep rumbling sound coming from the volcano. I have this dream about once or twice a month sometimes and am beginning to wonder if I am reliving a past life or something!! Would appreciate an analysis just so that I can believe that I’m not actually going potty!

When we dream about a volcano we are often concerned that we are about to erupt angrily in certain circumstances. In waking life you probably appear to others as a very calm and peaceful person but now and again you find yourself in a situation that just makes you want to blow your top. However, you usually suppress these feelings and continue to appear balanced and fair minded.

Dreaming of pets usually reflects our need for love and affection, so you are anxious about letting off steam in case you lose the affections of others. Your belongings represent your values and you are worried that  asserting yourself contradicts your values in dealing with others.

When we dream about a sound it often indicates that something unexpected is about to happen and this potentially volatile and unpredictable state makes you even more anxious. The lava flow is the destruction that you feel will surely follow if you give vent to your real feelings.

To move on from this dream, it would be good if you can find some way of releasing these passions that are bubbling away under the surface of your calm exterior. Sometimes you should just tell someone that they are making you angry. There are probably some big issues that really make you overheat but it is best to start on some smaller ones and just give voice to your true feelings. You don’t have to scream and shout but just calmly assert yourself until you feel your needs are being really met. Some activities that are both physical and creative, such as dancing and singing, are a very good way to release this pent up energy.

Although you might be scared of your pent up energy because it may erupt as destructive anger, it is also a very powerful resource of creative passion. As you learn to channel it properly, you will have the feeling that you can move mountains with your talents.