Hi Ian, I often dream about driving a car backwards out of control very fast and unable to stop with the brakes being faulty. Also I have dreams about being bit by rats and having them  on me or around me, not very nice that dream. Can you help me understand these dreams. I heard you on the Chris Evans show and was very interested in what you had to say.

Dream Meaning
When we dream about driving an out of control car backwards, there is something in our waking life where we feel we are not attaining the very high standards we have set ourselves. This is very often in the context of our career or profession. Faulty brakes suggest that you are not able to control situations as positively and decisively as you would like. No matter how much you try to slow things down, there is always something that seems out of control.

This situation is reflected in your dream about the rats. When we dream of being bitten by rats, we are usually thinking about all those little anxieties that we often allow to gnaw away at us. A lot of this anxiety is often generated by feeling that we have somehow to control situations that we really have no control over. Usually the more we try to control the uncertain, the more out of control and anxious that we feel.

Instead of trying to control all aspects of your waking life, just choose to control the aspects that are known and familiar to you. If the situation is actually unknown and unfamiliar, then you just have to accept that it may cannot be fully controlled, only influenced or guided. Don’t be afraid to ask other people to help you control and influence situations. Although you have very high standards and do not like to be seen as unprofessional, other people respect your talents and skills and are usually only too willing to lend a helping hand.