Hi there Ian, flying and floating is what happens in my dreams. When I was a kid I only floated in my dreams, within the setting of my house, as I’ve gotten older, I can now fly supersonic through buildings without feeling it, but sometimes it kind of splutters out and I float downward. I know I can fly in the dreams, as sometimes I’ve tried to teach other people how to do it. I onnce also was free running down the side of a building and started going backward. So sic and felt so real.

Hi David, floating in your dreams symbolises your natural ability for self-exploration so that you can use your creative instincts. Buildings often represent how you feel you have to show up in your professional life and some of the restrictions that your professional image may place on you. By flying through them supersonically, you are showing your ability to transcend any creative limitations in day-to-day life so that you can allow your imagination to run freely.