Hi Ian
I have been having a dream where I seem to be a flying fish. I feel myself swimming along just below the surface and then suddenly I am flying through the air above the waves. I dive back into the sea and start swimming again. For some reason I start going deeper but it begins to feel really uncomfortable. It’s like the whole ocean is oppressively weighing down on me. There is a small treasure chest lying on the sea floor, like you would find in a goldfish bowl. It has a key in the lock and when I open it up, it’s full of gold coins.
Thanks, Debbi

When you dream of flying, it often indicates that you are experiencing a sense of freedom and exhilaration in your waking life. Dreaming of being a fish shows that you are reflecting on your instincts and how easily you find it to navigate your feelings. This suggests that you are currently  feeling liberated and excited, as if you are falling in love.

You are anxious to know how long this exciting period will last so you start to explore your feelings more deeply. Although you are happy to experience your emotions as they rise up to the surface, it makes you feel really uncomfortable when you examine them in more depth. As well as symbolising feelings, water often represents past experiences and memories.

You feel as if the past is weighing down oppressively on you and preventing your continued contentment. However, the small treasure chest represents a valuable emotional experience that has made a deep impression on you and holds the key to future happiness. This experience shows that you will find it valuable to really open up your emotions and get them off your chest, rather than just skimming along the surface and hoping that everything will be alright.