Forced LandingLots of dreams this week about being in an airliner landing just short of the runway. When we dream of flying in an airliner, we are often evaluating thoughts about a collective intellectual journey. During this journey our thoughts are abstracted and theoretical, and it is only when we touch down on the airport runway that our intellectual efforts are successfully grounded in reality.

In some ways this is similar to the ubiquitous unprepared for the exam dream where we know that we have made a lot of effort to achieve a specific purpose, but are too self critical of our abilities and are finding it hard to meet our own high expectations of ourselves. Instead of judging ourselves too harshly, we should have more confidence in our expertise and experience.

Rather than endlessly worrying about a perfectly successful outcome and that anything less will be a failure, we should be reflecting on what the real intentions of a project or initiative may be and how we can adapt that to unexpected circumstances. In the case of BA038, the pilots used their expertise and experience to transform a major emergency in to an outstanding success for everyone involved. As flight instructors say ‘A good landing is one that you can walk away from…’.

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