Hi Ian, I have recently been having this dream where I am playing with a flight simulator on my computer. I am flying a big jet in the simulation and do all the checks before taxiing out to the runway. Everything seems to be going fine until just after take off when I realise that I am no longer on the computer but am actually flying the plane for real. I get really frightened that am I going to crash and start to panic. What does this mean?
Thanks, Graeme

Dream Meaning
When you have a dream about playing a computer game, you are often trying out various scenarios and options for some new situation in your waking life. An aeroplane usually symbolises a particular plan or project that you are working on and taxiing out to the runway suggests that you are preparing to launch this project with the hope that it will really take off and become a success.

The big jet shows that this project means a lot to you and that you have probably have been making these plans for quite a while. Although you have been considering all the theoretical possibilities, it is now time to put your ideas into practice and this is making you feel anxious. You are frightened that the project will fail and come crashing down around you.

Instead of allowing your project to spiral out of control, try doing what a professional pilot would do in your situation. Use all the data sources you have to establish your position and monitor the progress of your project. The calmer and more professional you can be, the more likely that your project will become the flyaway success that you would like it to be.