Search EngineAn increasing number of dreamers are sharing dreams where they are trying to enter a word or phrase into a search engine like Google. However, they find themselves unable to correctly type the search query, or the answers given bear little or no resemblance to what they were searching for.

In many ways, this is similar to the wrong number dream, where the dreamer is attempting to call someone, but keeps typing the wrong number, or getting through to the wrong person. However, in the wrong number dream, the dreamer is trying to say something and is finding it difficult. In a search engine dream, the dreamer is expecting a certain answer or response, but is not receiving it.

This suggests that the dreamer is finding that what they ask for in waking life, and what they receive is quite different. It may be that they are finding it difficult to articulate their needs and to ask for what they really want. It might be that the person that they are asking is trying to ignore them. It may also be that they are viewing their circumstances unrealistically through rose tinted glasses.

If you are having this dream, then the answer that it is giving you is that you need to state your needs. However, many of us find it difficult to state our needs, so try this simple method. Find somewhere relaxing, clear your mind and gently say to yourself ‘I need…’, and look at and listen to what images and words appear for you. The first answers are usually the most powerful, and you might be surprised at what your real needs are!

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