Hi there, Ian, I keep dreaming about a gorilla crawling out of a washing machine or an oven, these dreams are always followed by a spider crawling up my bedroom wall. I actually woke up the other night, screamed at the top of my lungs and ran out of my room because i thought there actually was a spider. My heart was beating so fast & my hands were shaking. I think there is meaning behind these dreams because they’re recurring

Hi Naomi, gorillas symbolise your instinctive ability to draw attention to your huge creative strengths so that you can have the opportunity to display them proudly. Kitchen appliances represent your capacity to look after yourself and other people. Spiders usually indicate that you are concerned about becoming emotionally entangled in a situation in your day-to-day life. This suggests that you spend a lot of your time looking after other people, but that they can sometimes take advantage of you and you feel prevented from making the most of your individual strengths and talents. The action from this dream is to make sure that other people recognise the big contribution that you make to their lives.