Hi Ian, I have been having a horrible recurring dream where I am hurrying across a rough field at night. I hear an old acquaintance calling me and I turn towards their voice. As I head in their direction I trip over a wire fence and stumble, losing control and falling into a dark pit. It is full of dead bodies and empty bottles and used hypodermic needles. The bodies are people that I used to know and I search through them but realise that they are of no use to me, I climb back out of the pit and continue my journey across the field. How can I stop this dream? Thanks, Shona

Dream Meaning
Your dream suggests that you have been going through a rough patch in your waking life. This period has been full of personal challenges and you are desperate to leave it all behind you. Even though you are keen to move on, there is something that keeps calling you back to your past and you are finding it very difficult not to respond to these calls.

You are anxious that you might lose control of your new direction in life and find yourself slipping back into old patterns of behaviour. The bottles and the needles indicate that you were involved in some sort of activity that seemed to hold the promise of deep fulfilment. However, you have now become aware of the reality of the situation and this has left you feeling quite hollow.

The bodies in the pit represent all the opportunities that seemed to be available to you in your previous circumstances. Although you still are attracted by the ideas of what might have been, you realise that they were all based on empty promises and are no longer of any use to you. As you take more control of your life, this dream will just fade away.