Hello Ian, thank you for taking the time to read my message to you. I have been having a recurring dream now for the last 10 years or so and would really love to know it’s meaning. In my dream I return to an ex lover (in real life he dumped me for another woman with no explanation) anyway in the dream he comes back into my life weak and begging forgiveness and I fall straight back in love with him, I dream of us making love and then straight after he’s gone and then I’m left feeling very low at which point I shave of all my head hair. Please help me to better understand why this dream keeps recurring because the dream effects me emotionally afterwards. thanks again for reading my message.

Dream Meaning
Ian often says that Dreams do not happen to the dreamer but that dreamers happen to the dream. This understanding reminds us that we are the ones creating and reflecting upon our own experiences, therefore empowering us to fully embrace all the aspects of our dreams and ultimately ourselves.

By getting back together with your ex, it would seem that you are reconnecting with an aspect of yourself that you have perhaps previously believed was a less attractive side to your nature and as a consequence may have attempted to ‘dump’.

This characteristic appears to you as male, weak and begging forgiveness in order to be accepted. This could indicate that you are trying to find forgiveness for, and unite with a part of yourself that is perhaps usually quite a masculine, strong, assertive maybe even an angry aspect of your nature that you may have found difficult to accept.

Our hair grows from our heads, so dreaming about hair often means that we are contemplating our thoughts or ideas, and in a deeper way, reflecting on the strength and nature of our beliefs. So by shaving all your head hair off this may be reflecting your desire to free yourself from the habitual thought patterns that keep you from embracing yourself fully and have left you feeling quite low and disconnected at times.

When we have dreams reoccur in our lives they are often showing us that we are repeating a particular way of behaving in our waking lives that is out of sync with our own true nature. You might try asking yourself some of the following questions as a way to work with and gain insights about this dynamic, allowing you to shed this dream once and for all.

1. Is there a part of yourself that you sometimes want to get rid of?

2. How might you express what you truly believe?

3. What situations/ people in your life empower and excite you?