Dear Ian, I have this recurring dream where I am trying to tame a wild black horse. Sometimes I manage to grab hold of its neck and jump on to its back. The funny thing is that the horse turns into a zebra as soon as I am sitting astride it. I then find myself in the middle of a whole herd of grazing zebras which feels really boring and dull. Once I spoke to the black horse in the dream and as it answered back it transformed into a beautiful white unicorn.

Dream Meaning
When we dream of horses, we are reflecting on the personal urges and passions that we try to harness and direct in our waking lives. Black is the colour of the unconscious and the unfamiliar, so your struggle to control this black horse indicates that you are struggling with unacknowledged passions in your waking life. You are afraid that these dark passions might carry you away into unfamiliar territory.

However, when you do manage to rein in your passionate urges, you find yourself in an apparently dull and boring situation, just another part of the herd. The black and white nature of your situation may seem limiting and conformist. Nevertheless, the white emerging from the black shows that you are beginning to differentiate and define the nature of your passions.

The more that you define and discuss your passions, the more tangible they will then become. Speaking about them gives voice to your unconscious in the same way that you talk to the horse in your dream. The unicorn is a universal symbol of transformation and speaking honestly about your urges and passions will have a beautiful and transformative effect for you. Just speak your truth and give free rein to whatever passions you feel are being unanswered.