Hi Ian
I am in the airport returning from holiday with my husband when customs stop me and say that I am importing illegal drugs! then they bring out this big metal pair of knickers. They want me to take off my clothes and put on the knickers so that they can use instruments to poke around inside me! I say that I am not doing this and it is against human rights and what evidence do they have – all this is still in the middle of the airport and is creating a scene.

Dreaming about being in possession of illegal drugs often shows that your own personal view of a particular situation is different from the views of people in positions of authority. Being at the airport and returning from holiday suggests that you have just successfully completed some sort of project at work. Going through customs indicates some type of project review where your performance is being examined by your management.

Although your project has been successful, the managers want to review your methods in more intimate detail and this begins to make you feel quite uncomfortable. The metal knickers show that their demands are precise and unyielding and this is making you feel very vulnerable. This is not an invasion of your physical intimacy, but a probing of the personal beliefs and values that you hold dear.

This makes you feel that your freedom to work the way you choose is being threatened by those in authority. Although they may be trying to ensure that you follow their customary practices, it seems more like an invasion of your personal space. To protect your private life and ensure that your talents are recognised, you need to set clear operating boundaries with your work colleagues.