A question that I am often asked is ‘How can I learn to analyse/interpret/work with dreams like you do?‘ I am always keen to share the learning and experience of over 30 years as a dream professional and so for some time now, I have been exploring possible ways to do this.

After some reflection, I realised the best way to do this was to create a series of learning courses for people who are interested in working with the dreams of others and helping them actually put those dreams into action.

I also realised that, due to busy professional commitments, this was not something I could do on my own so I began to look for a potential colleague to help me put this particular dream of my own into action.

Of all the people who got in touch, either enquiring about courses or possible partnerships, one of them really stood out and that person is Clare Landon. Clare and I have been working together over the past few months, looking at ways to distil the experience of over 140,000 dream analyses into a powerful and engaging series of learning courses.

I am delighted to be working with Clare – it’s a really rewarding experience as she is a very fast learner and has a real talent for working with dreams! Here she is, introducing herself in her own words.

‘My interest in dreams has come from listening, sharing, following and connecting to my own dreams throughout my life, I have developed a passion for the insights, revelations and potential that can be achieved in our waking lives through gaining a deeper understanding of our dream messages.

Following my dreams has led me to study the American Indian Medicine Wheels, to practice as a homeopath and to become a singer, and now, I should have seen it coming, I have been led to work with dreams!

I am inspired by the way that Ian works and feel fortunate to be deepening my understanding with his guidance and experience and by connecting with you, the dreamer!’

Clare will be actively participating in working with your dreams and has already started to contribute by answering your dream queries in the ‘In Your Dreams‘ section. Welcome Clare!

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