A number of clients, particularly women, have recently been reporting dreams about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. These dreams are a variation of the  ‘spy’ dream which is frequently reported by female dreamers.

This phenomenon is like the ‘Obama dreams’ of 2008 because it reflects how we take figures from our public awareness and use them to signify particular aspects of our own dream vocabulary. These phenomena often occur when a public figure with specific qualities is widely reported by the media.

In Obama’s case, he symbolised the opportunity for confident and decisive change at the time, and so many dreamers used him to reflect a personal situation in their own waking life where they needed to have the confidence to make some sort of significant change.

In a similar manner, Julian has come to symbolise closely guarded secrets that may cause much discomfort if they are openly revealed. These secrets reflect our own personal perspectives and also confidential information that others have trusted us with. For example, someone might feel that their boss is a creep but they tolerate this because they really enjoy their job and want to continue in it. They realise that if they openly told their superior what they actually thought, it would result in them being fired.

Another example is a personal relationship where one partner wants deeper commitment but the other is quite happy in the current relationship dynamic. The partner who wants to commit more may be afraid to broach the subject in case it upsets the other partner and causes the relationship to end. These are not state secrets and may seem trivial by comparison. However, we feel that revealing our true feelings may cause irreparable damage in certain situations.

This also extends to the little white lies that we all tell, no matter how candid and truthful we try to be. It can be really difficult to tell someone what you really think of their new hairstyle, particularly if you know they are feeling a little fragile. This level of personal diplomacy is part of our social fabric and even though we are aching to tell someone what we really think of them, we also usually look at the bigger picture and how it will affect us in the longer term.

No matter how gregarious we might be, we all need to have some level of privacy and Julian Assange symbolises our concerns about revealing our feelings in an unguarded moment. On the one hand, we may feel anxious that we let something slip that might personally damage us and so we continue to be guarded in our level of self expression.

However, on the other hand, taking the chance to disclose some information about our own talents and capabilities may prove a revelation for others and open up a whole world of new opportunities for us.

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