Kate Middleton has been having a recurring nightmare that she is completely naked as she stands in front of the congregation on her big day on Friday.

Although this dream may seem quite bizarre, it’s a very common dream experienced by people who are in the public eye, and is often reported by many celebrities and performers.

Dreaming of being naked in public is the fourth most common dream that dreamers have and usually suggests there is some situation in your waking life that is making you feel vulnerable and exposed.

People who are entering an unfamiliar situation, such as a new job, relationship, or public role where they feel that they lack confidence in their abilities, often experience this dream. The clothes you wear represent the image that you feel comfortable showing to the world. They form a protective barrier that helps you to conceal your true self when dealing with other people.

Our skin forms the visible boundary between our inner and outer lives, and we can sometimes feel vulnerable when that boundary seems unguarded. We often use the terms ‘thick skinned’ or ‘thin skinned’ to describe how someone copes when they are exposed to criticism or the judgement of others.

Other pre-wedding dreams often involve water and boats, such as the bride or groom finding themselves in command of a ship that they are trying to navigate through a narrow channel, or trying to get to a harbour in time before their ship sails away without them.