Kathie Lee Gifford, a presenter of the Today Show on NBC, recently shared a dream that she often has. Her recurring dream is that she is endlessly chewing gum and no matter how she tries to get rid of it, it keeps filling her mouth.

Jenna, one of the show’s producers, got in touch with me to ask me what the dream might mean. Kathie Lee was delighted by the accuracy of my interpretation and if you didn’t catch it on the show, here it is…

When Kathie Lee dreams that her mouth is filled with chewing gum, she knows that there is something that she really needs to say but is having some difficulty in expressing. Although Kathie Lee is very gracious and extremely articulate, she is finding it quite challenging to put her feelings about this situation into words.

Kathie Lee is concerned that she will cause a sticky situation in waking life if she actually does voice her deeper thoughts and that it may lead to her feeling as if she has bitten off more than she can chew.

The issue that Kathie Lee needs to resolve is that she seems to be involved in a particular activity that absorbs much of her energy but does not provide her with the deeper feelings of fulfilment that she needs.

Kathie Lee may spend a lot of time chewing this situation over as she considers the most equable way of dealing with it. It may have started off as an apparently small issue but now appears to have become blown out of all proportion. However, the best way for her to release the frustration is to say what is on her mind by just spitting it out!

Many people, particularly dentists and orthodontists, associate the chewing gum dream with grinding teeth. Their view is that the sensation of chewing is caused by the tooth grinding and therefore the tooth grinding is the cause of the dream.

However, the reverse is actually true. Tooth grinding is usually experienced when a person needs to say something that is on their mind but feels frustrated and unable to do so. The same issue in waking life that is causing the dreamer to have the chewing gum dream may also cause them to grind their teeth.

Both the chewing gum dream and the tooth grinding usually cease when the person resolves the situation by expressing what they really need to say. It is a common dream among people who have a demanding creative lifestyle.