Dear Professor Wallace,
I keep having a dream that I’m running late for work. I keep getting my directions confused in the dream and seem to get further away from work than closer and then I get lost and struggle to work out how to get there. I never seem to get there and get more and more frustrated and worried. I don’t have any issues re time keeping at work and never sleep in etc.
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Phillips

Dream Meaning
When we dream of running, we are often thinking about how we can best use our individual talents to make progress in our lives. Your dream suggests that your current job is not allowing you the opportunity to make the most of your unique talents. This feels very frustrating and so you are constantly looking for ways to find your true vocation in life.

However, you are confused about what your ideal job really is and so you are unsure what direction to take in your career. Sometimes you think that you have taken wrong turnings in your professional life and that you are getting further and further away from your dream job. No matter how hard you work and how many sacrifices you make for your career, you always end up feeling unfulfilled and undervalued.

Running is an energetic and demanding activity and this is reflected in your working style. You think that keeping busy and taking on every task that comes your way will somehow find you the job that you really want. Instead of running yourself into the ground, try standing back and deciding what job would be most meaningful for you in your life. Once your decision is made, your direction will be clear.