A lady who spends a lot of time in front of camera recently shared a dream where she found herself up for auction on Ebay. Although she is frequently photographed, she felt that none of the pictures on the auction page really showed her true self.

Dreaming of being in an auction is similar to dreaming of being in a shopping mall where the dreamer is reflecting on their potential value. However, an auction dream such as this one suggests that the dreamer is constantly asking others to value her, and when she does not receive the feedback she feels that she is worth, then it means that she is of no value.

This dream illuminated a concern that she was not valued enough in waking life, and the public image she was presenting did not allow others to connect with her true self. Instead, she was subject to a lot of sniping and negative feedback.

By presenting her public persona to others in a very specific manner, she is effectively allowing others choose her worth, rather than authentically declaring her own self worth. As we explored the dream, she exclaimed ‘That’s the price of fame, but when it comes to how much I value myself, no-one’s opinion will ever out bid my sense of self worth!’

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