[kml_flashembed movie=”http://ianwallacedreams.com/wp-content/uploads/flash/full-moon-cloud-banners.swf” height=”180″ width=”240″ /]We all dream. Every single one of us. Everyone dreams but our modern world often distracts us from the beauty of our dreams and drowns out their powerful songs. Dreaming may have evolved as a way for complex neural networks to process information and pattern match more effectively. It may have developed as a way of synthesising new stimuli with past experience. It may be how a curious and opportunistic universe becomes self aware in all its glory.

When we dream, our millions of years of evolution meet the minutiae of our every day lives. We have evolved into dreaming creatures, organisms that don’t just have the experience of one lifetime, but have the distilled awareness of past generations and know of the possibilities of future ones. Working with our dreams is not merely an airy fairy self indulgence, but a spiritual adventure of great cultural significance to us all. Our myths and legends abundantly express that our unconscious awareness has access to wisdom that is usually unavailable to the conscious mind.

Only our unconscious really knows what our conscious strives to know. Our dreams are answering questions that we don’t even know that we are asking, and remembering all that we have consciously filtered and forgotten. This is what Sufi mystics termed anamnesis, the end of forgetting who we really are. When we dream, our fragmented identities connect to a more fundamental awareness and we begin to truly understand the mystery that we are trying to unravel.

Solving the mystery of who you are, who you have been and who you will be cannot be accomplished as a detached observer, evaluating your situation from a distance. Stepping fully into your dreams is the only real way to meet the person who you dream of being and to truly live your dreams you really have to be in them. Your dreams are not some vague things that may or may never happen. They are happening right now as you read these words and you can choose to immerse yourself in them or try to keep hiding from them.

And if you try to hide from your dreams, they will keep searching for you until you truly find your own self and can at last speak your own clear truths. As your dreams discover you, you begin to realise that you are not just living ‘the’ dream, whatever that might currently be. You are living and breathing your dream, the one unique, big dream that only you can dream. This dream is not just something that is happening to you, you are happening to the dream.

Remembering how to dream is as simple as becoming aware of the space and time that we unconsciously create. Our dreams take us to the edge of the known and unknown and illuminate all our realisable possibilities and potentials. They eloquently celebrate our individual uniqueness in a wider celebration of our universal awareness. Dreams invite us to step into our true power which can be scary. And magnificent. They honestly show us our beauty, our love and our truth. Your dreams are in the spaces all around you, waiting to be dreamed. Be your dreams now.

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