Hi Ian,
I keep thinking I will lock my self out of the house that the door will slam shut behind me, so I am half in half out using my body or foot to stop it closing, or I think I have left the keys inside after I close the door to go out . I feel sick and have never forgotten my keys but I search through my bag . I dream this and also it happens while I am awake. Sounds silly, I know but would appreciate, if you could give me the meaning.

Best wishes

Dream Meaning
This dream suggests that you are experiencing a transformation into a new phase of life. This transition seems to be raising concerns for you about forgetting, or losing an important aspect of yourself in the process.

When we dream of a house we are usually dreaming about our ‘self’. Losing your keys might indicate that either there is something you are feeling responsible for that has been taken out of your hands or perhaps you have committed to something that has resulted in your no longer having ‘sole’ responsibility for your actions.

This challenge is quite a new experience for you and hasn’t been easy for you to stomach so far. However the fact that you ‘have never forgotten your keys’ suggests that you are very capable and assured of yourself in ordinary circumstances and that if you look ‘within’, rather than searching for what you fear you are ‘without’ you will ultimately be enabled to view all potential new outcomes and unlock the best one for your future!

It is common for a dream to find it’s way into our waking lives when there is an important message that is not being fully understood, this is a way for us to become more conscious of our process and to allow us to work with it physically. So we really do live our dreams, and dream our lives!