Hi Ian
I am sitting at a kitchen table in the middle of some dark woods. A lone black wolf is watching me from the trees and it looks like he wants me to follow him somewhere. I am scared of the wolf but he doesn’t seem aggressive so I get up from the table and start following him deep into the forest. He disappears from sight now and again and that makes me anxious but he always reappears and reassures me. Sometimes it seems as the tree trunks have faces as I stumble over the tree roots.
Thanks, Eddi

Dreaming of sitting at a kitchen table indicates that you are thinking about your family and how you habitually relate to them. The dark woods suggest that you are experiencing some difficulties with  family members and you are unsure of the best way to deal with this. Although you are directly affected by these family tensions, you are just sitting tight in the hope that they will fade away.

Even though you are trying to remain loyal to your family, the appearance of the lone black wolf shows that you have been ignoring your own needs during this challenging time. The wolf represents your own independence and authority and the only way to claim this is to step back from your family situation and begin to explore your own power.

As you start to explore your own needs in more depth, you feel anxious now and again. However, your growing wisdom is becoming apparent and reassures you that you are on the right track. You sometimes feel that your progress is being hampered by your family roots but you manage to remain true to the path you have chosen. Your growing independence helps you to resolve your family tensions.