Hi Ian
I keep dreaming that my husband is being unfaithful. In my dreams my husband is having affairs with several different women, none of who I know. Does this mean he is having an affair?
Thanks, Vicky

It can be tempting to think that your husband is being unfaithful but this dream is usually triggered when you begin to lose faith in your own sexiness and attractiveness. For some reason you are feeling unattractive, not just to him but also to yourself. This can often happen when a situation in your waking life is frustrating you and making you feel less confident than usual.

Rather than sharing your frustrations with your husband, you may start hoping that some other man will find you attractive and you might even end up daydreaming about having an affair yourself. Although you are unsure of how to regain your confidence, the several unknown women indicate you have a number of different opportunities to explore.

Your husband is your greatest asset in exploring these possibilities and helping you to rediscover your own attractiveness. Instead of worrying that he is just another sexting Ashley or Vernon, take some positive action and surprise him with some sexy messages! The more confident that you are with your husband, the more confidently you can step into your new future and become the woman that you always dream of being.