Dear Ian, I keep dreaming that I’ve lost my purse and my house and car keys. I am sure that they are somewhere close but even though I hunt high and low I cannot find them anywhere. I am usually out shopping or walking through the town. I sometimes think that someone has stolen them and I think of the places that I have been and attempt to retrace my steps.  I keep thinking that if I only had my car keys I could drive home because I have lots of money there. Yours sincerely, Jean

When we dream about a purse or a wallet, we are considering how much we value ourselves and how much we are valued by others in waking life. Dreaming that you have lost your purse suggests that you are feeling less valued than you normally do. This often happens when people experience a change in lifestyle such as retiring, losing a partner, or moving away from a familiar place.

You know deep inside that you are valuable  person but you are frustrated in your struggle to express your value to other people and have them fully recognise it. Although you might  think that other people are responsible for your loss of status, it is up to you to recognise and be fully aware of your own worth.  By retracing your steps in your dream you are reflecting on what used to make you feel worthwhile in waking life.

Your car keys symbolise your unconscious drive and motivation and you know that you could easily rediscover the sense of self worth that you used to have.. The best way to start to feel invaluable again is just to be yourself. So rather than trying to impress anyone else, just concentrate on pleasing yourself.