Food WasteA number of dreamers have been reporting dreams recently in which someone is angry at them for apparently wasting food. This has perhaps been triggered by the most recent occasion when our Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has made a meal of a making a policy decision.

When we dream of food, we are often reflecting on what we need to nourish and encourage our individual development. If we dream we are wasting food, then it usually mirrors a situation in our waking life where we are throwing away a potential opportunity for personal fulfilment.

However, in many of these dreams, the food being thrown away is junk food that tastes bad, or is covered in unpalatable sauces and dressings. This suggests that many apparent opportunities for fulfilment are low quality, and dressed up to be something that they are not.

Although politicians may be telling the the nation’s dreamers that they are serving up great opportunities and initiatives, what is actually experienced may be unhealthy and overprocessed, and is quite naturally discarded.

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