Hi Ian
I have been having this dream where I am living in a tiny gloomy boxroom. My bed and all my stuff is in there and feels really cramped and crammed. I hear someone knocking at the door and I am really frightened to open it. Whoever is knocking at the door really starts pushing at it and it starts to shake and shine brightly. I pluck up courage and open the door and am amazed to see that I am standing inside a huge mansion and it’s expanding out in front of me. Even more amazing is the fact that I know that I own the mansion. What does this mean?
Thanks, Kayla

Dreaming of a small boxroom suggests that you are in a situation in waking life where you are feeling a bit boxed in. It may seem as if your potential opportunities for happiness are limited and this is making you feel gloomy. This is probably the result of a recent disappointment in a romantic relationship that has caused you to retreat from the outside world.

Although you may think that your choices seem limited and are cramping your style, there is a major opportunity for happiness knocking at your door. However, you are frightened to open yourself up to this new possibility because of your recent experiences. Even though you try to ignore this opportunity, it won’t go away and you realise that you really need to shake things up and allow yourself to shine again.

The door symbolises a threshold of confidence that you need to reach but you are frightened to make yourself vulnerable in case you are hurt again. When you do pluck up the courage and step out of your comfort zone, you are amazed at the possibilities. The more you open up to your future, the more you can step into it and own it.