Ian’s effortless expertise and extensive experience adds another dimension to a dream themed corporate promotion or event. He has performed as the resident dream expert for organisations such as Estee LauderIKEA and Premier Travel Inn during product launches and marketing campaigns for companies such as Lexis PR.

His participation can be as a performer, speaker or expert adviser. As a performer Ian usually circulates through the guests at the event and engages with them individually in entertaining and informative dream interpretations. For a speaking engagement he can present on a topic chosen by the client, or can give an insightful and enjoyable overview of dreams with lots of opportunity for participation and questions. For a campaign, he is delighted to liase with media on the client’s behalf to help ensure a successful outcome.

Ian can also give the client valuable feedback and market insight from his experiences during the engagement. As well as working with organisations from a marketing and public relations perspective, Ian also can help them to connect with their purpose and potential using tools and processes from The Dream Organisation.