Ian immensely enjoys the challenges of dream analysis on live radio. Authentically connecting with the caller often has to be performed under great time pressure, and there is only one chance for an accurate and spontaneous analysis.

However, Ian consistently provides resonant and insightful dream interpretations within 90 seconds to two minutes, and is a master of asking the dreamer exactly the right questions to help evoke and articulate the dream.

Most callers are genuinely intrigued and often puzzled by what they have dreamt, and their usual motive for calling is primarily to solve the mystery of their dreams, as well as being entertained.

Play this nodcast to hear Ian in action as he analyses dreams live on BBC Radio 2 with Chris Evans. Here are more live radio dreams.

If you would like Ian to add another dimension to your radio show, please call him on 07753 988472 or use the contact form.