Dear Ian, Last week I had this crazy dream that I was in bed, but my bedroom was in a midget submarine! I was in charge of the sub and steering it and my fiance was keeping a look out up the periscope. A huge white ocean liner was heading towards us, trying to ram us. It was captained by my future mother-in-law –  my fiance could see her through the periscope. I kept saying to my fiance that we should launch a torpedo to sink the liner and then head off and hide in a secluded lagoon until all the fuss dies down. Should I still be getting married?

Dream Meaning
When we dream about being in bed we are thinking about a situation in waking life where we feel relaxed and self aware. Dreaming of water shows that you are reflecting on your feelings and emotions. Steering the submarine from your bed shows that you are relaxed and at home with your feelings and that you enjoy sharing intimate emotions with your fiance.

However, the submarine also indicates that you are trying to conceal your innermost emotions and feelings from others and that you have a need for a private space that is only for you and your fiance. The huge white ocean liner heading towards you is your wedding day and this is undoubtedly being organised and controlled by your future mother-in-law. You probably have no direct communication with her and rely on your fiance telling you what she is up to.

You feel that your wedding is more for the benefit of your future mother-in-law, rather than for you and your fiance, so that’s why you want to torpedo the proceedings so you can have some privacy and intimacy with your future husband. To ensure a happy wedding day and a healthy future relationship with your mother-in-law, you need to bring your concerns to the surface and voice them directly to her.