Our dreams are not single static occurences, they are constantly evolving stories that reflect what we are really experiencing at an unconscious level.

As we become aware of waking life events, we incorporate these in the stories that we create when we dream. This process is currently being seen in the evolution of dreams about Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Although the initial dreams were about the release of confidential information, the sexual intrigue concerning Julian Assange’s private life has evolved these dreams into mirrors of the dreamer’s own intimate desires.

Instead of just about being private information that is being withheld to prevent possible conflict, these dreams have developed into reflections about sexual attractions that the dreamer is trying to keep secret in waking life.

There is often a person that the dreamer really has a secret romantic crush on but they are concerned about revealing their true feelings in an unguarded moment. Instead of finding some way to seduce the object of their desires, the dreamer becomes increasingly defensive and guarded in waking life, sometimes appearing quite hostile to the person that they actually want to be so close to.

No matter how much the dreamers try to hide their true feelings, however, they keep leaking out as they clandestinely pursue their undercover objectives.

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