Hi Ian, I have a recurring dream. coming through a mountain or forest passage, feeling as if something is coming for me, until I find a village with cobbled streets. always a body of water (sea/lake) to my right. I always end up wet or in the water and even though I can see all sorts of dangerous creatures in the water and know that they could kill me, I swim happily with them. then it switches to some major disaster, the world is ending, people are dying and scared and i Iead people to safety while fighting my own feelings of impending doom as if something is coming for me. again, I notice the water, always on my right, calm even amongst all the chaos (once it was a building that shimmered like it was made of water)

Hi Nicole, dreaming of a mountain or forest passage symbolises that you have been making a big effort to explore some potential opportunities for healthy growth in your waking life. Water represents your emotions and dangerous creatures indicate that you are comfortable with working with your feelings. The major disaster is an opportunity for you to transform your life and the water always being on your right reflects the fact that you need to trust your feelings as they are always right.