Dear Ian
I had a dream about moving house round the corner from me and being afraid to go over a bridge. This was in the same dream. I know that it is not financially possible to move so what does it mean.
My house at times feels like it has not got enough space but it has 3 bedrooms and should be adequate. When I dream about moving house I go through all the rooms but there is still apprehension about moving in the first place. I hope you can make sense of all this

When we dream about a house, we are usually dreaming about our own self and how others see us. When we dream about moving house we are considering making a change in our waking lives and are concerned about how this change might be viewed by others. Being afraid to go over a bridge indicates that this change involves some form of commitment in waking life that you are unsure about.

The different rooms in our dream houses represent different aspects of our character. For example, the kitchen symbolises our ability to nurture others, the bedroom represents our privacy and self awareness, and the living room shows where we are most comfortable and at home with ourselves. Going through all the rooms suggests that you are concerned about how making this commitment will affect all aspects of your life.

The apprehension that you are feeling about this commitment is triggered by the feeling that you will lose your current identity in some way. This is especially true if you are thinking of committing to some sort of partnership with another person and feel that you might no longer be seen as an individual. However, making a commitment usually makes far more aware of our real identity and that can be a very moving experience.