Hi Ian, heard your performance on Chris Evans today and was really impressed and intrigued by your work.  I certainly shall research any books you’ve written on your subject.  I have a recurring theme in many of my dreams – I’m trying to follow or get to something/place but find that the way forward becomes more and more narrow until I know that I won’t be able to get through such a small opening. I’d be delighted to hear your view on this theme.

Dream Meaning
When we dream of travelling towards some place, it often symbolises a goal in life that we aspire to. The narrowing of the path towards this goal suggests that you feel your options are limited in waking life and that you sense that something is restricting you in reaching your destination.

In waking life, have a think about where you are just now and where you would really like to be in the future. Make a list of the things that you feel are restricting you and limiting your progress. For each item on your list, think of ways around these limitations. Be as creative as you like, however wacky your ideas might be!

Somewhere on that list will be a wide open road that will take you to your goal. There is always a way forward but often it is not the most obvious one.