Last night I dreamt that I was in my local nightclub on a Saturday night and when I walked into the seated area of the club there was two dental chairs in the middle. I then got my teeth checked by one of the men who was my old guidance teacher when I was at school. I was then told that my two front bottom teeth had psoriasis. Much appreciated if you would be able to tell me what this means. 

Dream meaning
When we dream about teeth we are often thinking about our confidence and ability to assert ourselves in our waking lives. The nightclub represents a social arena, maybe a circle of friends, or perhaps a club that you are involved with. It is night time and this indicates that you find an aspect of this environment unfamiliar, giving rise to feelings of uncertainty about expressing yourself confidently.

There is a seated area with 2 dental chairs in the middle. Chairs are often dreamt in connection with habitual ways of behaving and these chairs may represent a couple of ways you would usually handle this type of situation. They also give the impression of having similar outcomes and appear to be central to this dynamic.

You are checked by ‘one of the men’, men often being a reflection of particular skills and abilities, perhaps you are checking your own in this circumstance. It is specifically your old guidance teacher in this instance, which may show a tendency towards following previously learned advise about how to behave, schoolteachers usually being symbolic of the lessons we have learned.

You were informed that your 2 front bottom teeth had psoriasis, mirroring the 2 chairs, making the link between habitual ways of being and confident self expression. Psoriasis is an itchy skin condition and so could be seen as your having something that you are ‘itching’ to say and it appears to be coming to the surface. By holding back, you may be experiencing feelings of ‘irritation’ or ‘restlessness’.

It would seem that you are encountering a situation that requires you to be up front! Having confidence in what you have to offer can only lead to a win win situation!