Hi Ian
I had this horrific dream where my family was in our house when a nuclear bomb hits it.  The house and land is obliterated as well as our clothes but we live. Ours is the only house hit.  We leave on an arduous journey to my parent’s house trying to find clothes along the way accepting anything.  After a week or so I finally realize what I’ve lost especially photos and memories and cry exhaustingly (not physically just in the dream). Soon after this we journey back to our former home only to find that it has reappeared the way it was everything included.
Thanks for your help,

Dreaming of a nuclear bomb exploding suggests a sudden and powerful change in your personal life such as the end of a long relationship or leaving your old job. Your house symbolises your own identity in the dream and as your house is the only one to be affected, it seems you are  experiencing a major shift in how you personally see yourself in waking life.

Your clothes are how you present your identity to other people and so their loss shows that you need to honestly express your true feelings to others in order to survive this change. Journeying to your parent’s house indicates that you are trying to regain some stability in real life and be more accepting and open with other people. The loss of your photos and memories reflects that you are missing your old way of life.

Crying in the dream shows how you are allowing your emotions to come to the surface and that you are finding the courage to say what you really feel about your new situation. By speaking from the heart and openly stating your needs to other people, you will soon be on the way to being your old self again.