Hi Ian, I had this weird dream where I was playing football. The funny thing was that my team was made up from the guys that I work with but we were playing against a team that was all referees. We could only get the ball past them by playing right on the touchline and bending the ball past them. Every time I got close to the goal the refs whistled for a penalty. I got the other guys to stand around me so the refs couldn’t see me and dug a wee tunnel into the goal. Once I was standing in the goal with the ball, the refs gave me around of applause but one of them said the tunnel was offside!

Dream Meaning
When we dream of playing football we are usually considering our role in a team activity. There is probably a work situation in your waking life where you and your team are trying to achieve a specific goal. You are finding this difficult to achieve because of all the rules and regulations imposed by your management and those in positions of authority.

Although you are trying to play by the official rulebook, you are having to push the boundaries and bend the rules to actually progress towards your goal. As you approach your objective your bosses begin to cry foul and blow the whistle on your unofficial methods. To actually reach your goal you have to use your informal underground network and be covertly supported by your workmates.

After achieving your goal, your management applaud your efforts although one of managers questions your methods. Your dream shows that you are a highly effective team player who is fully committed to achieving your chosen goal. However, you can be even more successful if you can help the management team understand why you have to work this way to get a decent result. Rather than seeing them as an opposing team, try and get them on your side.