Hi Ian
I have a dream that I’ve moved to a new house, I find a door in the house and when I open it, it opens on to a long corridor with lots of doors in it. It is old fashioned and often has a lady standing in the corridor wearing a long black Victorian dress, she has white hair pulled back into a bun, holds her hands clasped in front of her and when she looks at you her eyes are all white and scary. She also doesn’t want me to go into that part of the house. Can you help?

When we dream about a house, we are usually dreaming about our own self and how others see us. Dreaming that we have moved to a new house often means that we have made some sort of change in our waking life that has awakened us to new aspects of our own character. The door that you open symbolises an opportunity that you have taken in your waking life and this has started you on a path that has made lots of other opportunities available to you.

However, it seems as if you are feeling a wee bit overwhelmed by all these potentials and possibilities and are slightly scared of them. The Victorian lady in the corridor is a reflection of your own anxieties about engaging in new and exciting opportunities. Part of you would just like to resist any change to your life and do things the way you have always done them.

This part of you that is resisting change feels old fashioned to you and is stopping you from exploring all these opportunities. You feel worried that you are stepping outside your comfort zone and discovering these new aspects of yourself. However, the Victorian lady is also indicating that you have the accumulated wisdom and experience to be able to step into your new life and make the most of it.