Hi Ian, I keep dreaming that I have cancer of the mouth. The cancer cells keep growing in my lips and my tongue until they fill my whole mouth and I cannot breathe. I wake up screaming and shouting and gasping for breath. In real life, I keep going to the doctor and the dentist for check ups but I always get the all clear. Also, I don’t smoke. Please can you help me?

When we dream about any illness or blockage involving our mouths, it is often because there is something that we really need to say to someone in our waking lives. However, we are usually afraid that there will be a negative and unhealthy response if we actually do say it. There is something that you desperately need to express to someone but are frightened to do so. Your fear is that by speaking out and saying how you really feel, you will create a situation that will rapidly grow out of control.

The fact that you wake up screaming and shouting shows how desperate you are to speak your truth and say what really needs to be said. The reason that you are frightened is that you know something will come to an end if you actually say what you feel. This situation may be a job, or a friendship or a romance that was once healthy but has now become toxic and painful.

In the same way that a surgeon removes a cancerous tumour, you need to remove yourself from this unhealthy situation by saying exactly what you feel. Don’t let the conversation grow out of control. As soon as you have said what you feel you need to say, close your mouth, stand back and hear what the other person has to say.