Hi There Dr. Wallace, a recurring dream which I have had, and it worries me, is that I am driving completely out of control.  Sometimes I am drunk in the dream and get into my car knowing its wrong but have no choice because I have to get somewhere to do something in a hurry?!! I’ve had it a few times and it’s really frightening as my car is all over the place!!! What does this mean?

Dream Meaning
When we dream of driving a car we are reflecting on the path that we are taking through life and how we are driving ourselves forward. Dreaming that you are driving your car completely out of control indicates that there is a situation in your waking life where you feel completely out of control.

Being drunk in the dream reflects this loss of control and can often indicate that you are trying to forget the past and quickly move on to something new. It also suggests that you are trying to avoid a difficult situation in waking life by trying to suppress how you really feel rather than facing up to it.

This can result in you feeling all over the place in waking life because there is something that you desperately want to escape from by running away. However, the only road to real and lasting freedom is by standing your ground and sorting the situation out, however scary that might seem. When confronted by a challenge in waking life, your instinct is usually just to do anything, anything at all, to resolve the situation. Instead of responding immediately, just imagine yourself calmly standing back from the challenge and patiently working out the best way to deal with it.