Hi Dr. Ian, I keep having this really horrific dream. I dream that I am flying in a big new airliner. I’m not sure where I’m going but I know it is a scheduled flight to somewhere foreign. Just as we are approaching our destination and I am beginning to relax, the captain comes on the radio and says that there is some sort of problem with the landing gear. I decide to go up to the cockpit to help. When I get to the front I am shocked to discover that the plane is being piloted by two chimpanzees. I chase them from the cockpit and take control. The situation then gets worse because we appear to have run out of fuel. I steer the plane in for a rough crash landing. It’s messy but everyone survives and walks away intact.

Dream Meaning
When we dream of an aeroplane we are usually thinking about some project or idea that we are working on in our waking lives. You probably work as part of a team that works on large projects involving the delivery of specific information to a tight and agreed schedule. Each of these projects is different and the requirements can initially seem quite foreign to you.

As each project nears completion and you are beginning to relax, there is often a last minute problem that may prevent the project being successfully completed. You decide to use your individual technical expertise to help land the project. However, you find that the problem is not a technical one but is being caused by the project leaders monkeying around.

You decide to take control of the project but then you find that there are insufficient resources available and that the original destination cannot be reached. However, by using your hands-on, down to earth approach you manage to guide the project to a practical conclusion. Although the outcome may appear messy, everyone involved is safe and secure. In future projects you need to voice your concerns sooner or else the projects will keep spiraling out of control.