Hello Ian,
I heard you on Chris Evans’ show and was very impressed. I wonder if you have time to answer this one for me. Last night I had a range of odd dreams. Firstly, I was at my family home with my parents and I looked out of the landing window to see a plane nosedive in the distance; I wondered if it would crash, and it did. There was a ball of smoke and I remember seeing a number of vans (oddly) being thrown into the air with the force of the blast. It was awful to see it. A little later I had a dream that I was still at my parents’ house and the sky was dark, dark grey and full of tornados coming for us everywhere you looked. I looked out the window and my mum was in the garden so I called her back inside. Then suddenly the tornados were in the house and me, my mum and dad had to run around dodging them. Strangely they didn’t seem to do any damage to the house, and we managed to avoid them, but it was rather frightening! Then my best friend called me in tears to tell me that her flat had been destroyed in the tornadoes and a friend of hers had died because of them. It was at that point it suddenly hit me that my own house was down the road, and I had no idea how it was. I went back and each one of the rooms was dark and dank and severely damaged. What’s odd is that I’m sure I’ve had dreams in the past about tornados, and I’ve certainly had numerous dreams about witnessing planes that crash in the distance. What could this mean?

When we dream of an aeroplane we are usually considering some activity in waking life that we are involved in. This activity usually relates to work life, particularly if our job involves working with information or ideas. There is some project in your work life that you are trying to land and you are concerned about it. The vans being blown into the air indicate that you have anxieties about being able to consistently deliver.

When we dream of tornadoes we are reflecting on possible emotional turmoil. This may be related to insecurity at work. The older, wiser part of yourself is not too concerned about this feeling of insecurity because you know you can always rise to the challenge, but you are worried that it may affect your lifestyle outside your job in the longer term.

When you look down the road to your own house, you are considering your professional future in your waking life and you realise that you have been neglecting your own needs by probably working too hard and not looking after your own personal fulfilment.

Crashing planes usually symbolise anxieties about the future in an information based profession and tornadoes often represent the emotional anxiety associated with this. It also shows that you tend to over analyse things and worry about situations rather than trusting your instincts to help you find the greatest fulfilment.  Look after yourself and your future will look after itself.