I keep having a dream where I am standing looking up at the sky. A passenger airliner passes flies by. I have a horrible feeling as I watch it and it suddenly stops dead, turns vertical and crashes down.  The feeling is absolutely horrible and i keep getting the same dream.  I panic i am having a premonition.
Please help me – even writing this e-mail has my stomach in knots.  I can picture the scene so vivid.

When we dream about the sky, we are considering ideas and thoughts from our waking lives. The aeroplane represents some plan or project that you are aware of, but are not directly involved in. There is something about this plan that unsettles you because you feel that is going to collapse in some way and come to a sudden and unexpected end.

However, the fact that you are standing with your feet on the ground indicates that you are in a position to offer impartial advice to others about their project. You may feel that their ideas are just a flight of fancy with no real grounding in any practicality. Although it is usually quite easy to engage in blue sky thinking, it is usually much more difficult to put a plan into practice.

Precognitive dreams that contain actual premonitions and predictions of future events are extremely rare and even harder to verify. Whether they actually remember them or not, every person in Scotland experiences at least five episodes of dreaming each night. That is more than 25 million dreams every night. Although some of this dream content may appear to have contained premonitions when studied  in hindsight, it is mainly just coincidental.