Erotic dreams usually suggest that the dreamer is becoming more intimately aware of their own identity, needs and beliefs in their waking lives. These sexy dreams are often experienced during pregnancy as the dreamer begins to accommodate the changes that are occurring within her own body and as she becomes more intimately aware of her changing shape, her shifting moods and her widening awareness.

These dreams vary from trimester to trimester and the physical and hormonal changes in the body tend to make them especially vivid. Watery dreams usually occur in the first trimester as the amniotic sac fills with fluid, travel dreams tend to occur during the second trimester as the foetus begins to move and kick. Third trimester erotic dreams usually involve other people such as relatives or bosses.

The Dream: Sex Involving Food
In this familiar second trimester dream, the dreamer is savouring deep and richly satisfying sex involving lots of food, particularly juicy fresh fruit such as melons and oranges. Food symbolises our ability to nurture ourselves by fulfilling our needs and giving us the energy to explore opportunities and make the most of them. The food in the dream reflects the dreamer’s appetite for intimacy and new experiences and the fruits represent the fruit of her labor as she brings her child into the world. The dream is emphasising that she should enjoy the pregnancy and savour the lasting fulfilment that it will bring. It is also reminding her to eat healthily and to ensure that she nurtures herself and has enough rest and relaxation to stay fresh.

The Dream: An Orgy
The dreamer is enjoying an intimate sexual moment with her lover when it suddenly starts to turn into an orgy as more and more uninvited guests begin to arrive in the house and start making love. This completely spoils the mood for the dreamer and her partner, causing the excitement of intimacy to quickly fade away. Although the act of conception is almost invariably private, more and more people from family and friends to healthcare professionals become involved in waking life as the pregnancy progresses, particularly into the third trimester. This can cause a loss of intimacy between the dreamer and her partner and make them feel like their life and their future child is not their own. The dream encourages claiming her private life back, while continuing to accept the support of others.

The Dream: Sex in a Car
In this characteristic second trimester dream, the dreamer is having sex in a moving car that is usually out of control or seems to have faulty brakes or steering. In waking life, cars symbolise drive and ambition and often show how the dreamer feels that she is progressing in her life. This dream is indicating that she thinks she is losing control of her direction and this is particularly true if she is still working and may feel that her career is literally careering out of control. The dreamer is realising that she has begun a process that has its own speed and direction and it is not something where she can just put the brakes on. The dream is telling her to relax and enjoy the journey and the new experiences that it brings.

The Dream: Sex with an Authority Figure
This is a frequent third trimester dream where the dreamer is being forced to have sex with an authority figure such as a police officer or gang leader, often in a prison. Authority figures in dreams usually symbolise the dreamer’s anxieties about her ability to act freely in waking life. However, she is becoming more aware of the limitations that having a young child will place on her life and also facing up to her duties as a parent in providing an authoritative and loving influence. She may also feel trapped because the baby seems trapped as it kicks and moves. The dream is telling the dreamer that that it is her choice to have the baby and although it may seem limiting at first, it will open up unimaginable freedoms to her and continue to expand her horizons.

The Dream: Sex with a Fish
This watery dream usually occurs in the first trimester and it involves the dreamer having sex with a large fish or aquatic animal, usually a dolphin or porpoise, sometimes with a shark. Fish and sea creatures symbolise the ability to be perfectly at home with feelings and emotions. Higher species such as dolphins indicate that the dreamer is becoming more deeply aware of her intuitive intelligence, with her senses intensifying as she absorbs all the little rhythms and nuances in her environment. Dolphins and porpoises show that  she is behaving warmly and socially but if the dreamer is feeling cold hearted and aggressive, she may dream of being with a shark. The dream is telling her to enjoy this heightening of her senses and her developing powers of intuition.

The Dream: Sex in a Toilet
This dream is often experienced during the first trimester where the dreamer is trying to enjoy a private sexual connection in a toilet. However, no matter how hard she tries to maintain privacy, the cubicle seems to have no walls or the door cannot be locked. Being in a toilet is usually a private space where we attend to our own needs but the lack of privacy shows that the dreamer is frustrated because she is always seems to be looking after the needs of other people during her pregnancy, rather than looking after her own needs. She will also be experiencing pressure on her digestive and urinary tracts which will amplify this sensation. The dreamer needs to maintain personal boundaries and ensure that others help to meet her own needs.

The Dream: Husband Becomes Pregnant
In this common second trimester dream, the dreamer is having sex with their husband or partner and this somehow transfers the fetus into the husband’s belly and he has to carry the baby for the rest of the pregnancy. Although this is physiologically impossible, this dream shows that the dreamer feels secure in the knowledge that her husband will be an active partner during the pregnancy, helping to carry his load and reducing the burden on her. This level of care and support from her partner will help her to lead an relatively normal life almost until the moment of birth. The most supportive thing the dreamer can do in return is to show that she acknowledges and appreciates the contribution and burden sharing of her husband or partner.

The Dream: Sex with a Snake
This dream entails the dreamer enjoying sinuous, sensuous sex with a snake or sometimes a sea serpent or an octopus. Although snakes are often considered to be archetypal sexual symbols, they actually represent the fundamental power of the dreamer to transform her waking life by connecting with her primal creative energies. Dreaming of a sea serpent or octopus shows that the dreamer is concerned about becoming emotionally entangled and feeling dragged down by the pregnancy. This dream usually occurs in the second trimester as the dreamer becomes more aware of the deepening transformation of her body and her life to come. Although her emotions will be running deep, she should try to channel them into creative transformation rather than destructive emotions such as jealousy.

The Dream: Sex in a Boat
In this dream, the dreamer is having sex at sea in a small or narrow boat such as a kayak. The waves are high, making the boat seem really unstable and it often capsizes, tipping the dreamer into the water. Dreaming of water mirrors the dreamer’s emotional state and the unsteadiness of the boat reflects the instability of her feelings. The small boat suggests that she feels quite insignificant and is concerned about being engulfed by her emotions and sinking into depression. This dream can have associated nausea and sea sickness particularly in the first trimester when morning sickness occurs. The dream is telling the dreamer to always ask for help when she feels a bit wobbly and needs to get back on to solid and firmer ground.

The Dream: Sex in a Cockpit
This dream involves the dreamer is having sex in the cockpit of an aircraft, often with the danger of an imminent crash. Aircraft are vehicles of the air and usually symbolise our plans and ideas so this suggests that the dreamer has planned the pregnancy but the imminent crash and loss of control indicates that everything is not going as planned. This is often because of tension with the husband or partner and the cockpit often symbolises the struggle as the woman tries to establish control over the man in the relationship, particularly during the third trimester. Although each partner may have fixed ideas of how the pregnancy should progress, they should focus on what is best for the child rather than looking after their own interests. The dream is telling the prospective mother to try and be as down to earth as possible and to stay calm and confident.