Hi Ian, my most profound dreams are dreams I have of flying, Its gotten to the point that when I have them I become aware that as I’m standing there I know that I’m capable of flying and I summon up an intense energy in my body and lift myself hundreds of feet into the air, its a very powerful experience but sometimes when I fly too high I get a little scared that I’m going to fall. I sometimes fly over the city and can see all the buildings below me. Its always night time in these dreams. Usually when I dream there is no colour but one time I remember moving through this square shaped object into a big empty void and all I saw was a multitude of colours swirling around me, colours I’ve never seen before. This is the only time I’ve ever dreamt in colour. Any insight would be appreciated thanks in advance

Hi Jamie, flying dreams are among the most wonderful experiences that we can create when we are dreaming. When you fly in a dream, it suggests that you have released yourself from some limitation or obligation in waking life. You may have had to make a weighty decision or perhaps the gravity of a particular situation was making you feel a bit down. Although this can be very exciting, it is always best not to get too carried away, so that you can still take practical and down-to-earth steps in waking life. Multitudes of colours symbolise a number of colourful opportunities opening up for you.