A Psychologist’s Dream Interpretation Of Common Dreams

The dream interpretation according to a psychologist.

Dream Interpretation
We all have dreams every night. Yes, although sometimes it seems like you don’t have one. But the reality is you have. Some dreams are forgotten when you wake up and some are clear. Well, there is another explanation for that which is not the subject of this post.

While dreams are a common phenomenon to all people across cultures, it is also one of the most mysterious human experiences. It produces more questions than answers.

For instance, you might ask why do we dream? Or, what do dreams mean?

There are several theoretical explanations on why we dream. Take the following:

  • Dreaming is a process of memory consolidation.
  • An extension of waking life that holds prior experiences.
  • A product of biological and electrical impulses during sleep.
  • A bridge that connects the past, present and the future consciousness.
  • Dreams are the protective armors of the brain to prepare itself against dangers and challenges.

However, dream interpretation can be varied. For example, a well-known psychology figure, Sigmund Freud believed that dreams are not simply visual images during sleep, they represent repressed or hidden human urges.

In Freud’s theory, dreams are a reflection of our wants and needs that are currently withheld.

On the other hand, neuroscience argues that dreams have no meaning. The scientific explanation of dreams states that dreams are just random images produced by the brain’s chemical and electrical activities while we are sleeping.

Accordingly, when we asleep, the chemical and electrical activities in our brain never stop. The brain will make some sense out of those chemical activities in terms of visual images. And those images are what we see in dreams.

However, one psychologist, Ian Wallace never gave up. In fact, in his 30 years of practice, he interpreted more than 150,000 dreams.

Like Sigmund Freud, he believes that dreams have meanings. And by understanding them helps us become successful in our goals in real life.

The dream interpretation of common dreams

Here’s how Wallace interprets some of your dreams.

1. When you dream of being late…

Dream Interpretation

It means that you most likely miss a big opportunity in real life. You don’t feel fulfilled in your goals. The reason behind is that you might spend most of your time on useless undertakings. In other words, you were busy doing unproductive activities.

Fortunately, you can always fix things in your life. You just need to be committed to do what is necessary to be done and use your time wisely.

2. When you dream about the unused room…

Dream Interpretation

It means that you discover your talent or potential that you previously missed. It’s a self-discovery. What you can do is explore yourself more to maximize your potential. Spend time knowing yourself in waking life to achieve more.

3. When you dream about an out-of-control vehicle…

Dream Interpretation

It means that something has happened that is not according to your plan. You don’t have control of what is happening in your life that hinders you to attain success.

What you want to do is let things happen while you choose the best choice for yourself. Accept that you can’t control everything in your life but you can always choose the way you want to go.

4. When you dream about falling…

Dream Interpretation

It means that in real life, you are holding on something tightly. What you can do is relax and let go. Let everything happens in order.

5. When you dream about flying…

Dream Interpretation

It means that you’ve just freed yourself from something that pulls you down. This freedom is a result of being able to resolve some burden in your life.

6. When you dream about cramming the exam…

Dream Interpretation

It means that you are assessing your own performance in real life. Because examinations are meant to assess your own ability.

To avoid self-criticisms, you can focus on your strengths and enjoy your current achievements. Stop judging yourself. It will not do any good to your well-being.

7. When you dream about naked in public…

Dream Interpretation

This means that, at some point in your real life, you feel exposed and vulnerable.

What you can do about it is let yourself open (although sometimes it may hurt). Be realistic, and show to the world your true self.

8. When you dream about finding no toilet…

Dream Interpretation

It means that in your waking life, you find it difficult to express your own needs. Because toilet is one of our fundamental needs.

What you can do is focus on your own needs and stop minding the needs of others.

9. When you dream about your teeth falling out…

Dream Interpretation

It means that your confidence was shaken in real life. Because your teeth are the symbol of confidence.

What you can do is think logically and consider it as a challenge instead of becoming frustrated.

10. When you dream of being chased…

Dream Interpretation

It means that you want to resolve a certain problem in real life but you don’t have any idea how.

Although dream interpretation is exciting, and although some experts believe in the meaning of dreams, it lacks scientific evidence.

Dream interpretation relies mostly on self-reports and other nonscientific strategies.

In other words, no one really knows what do dreams mean – I mean the exact meaning.

Maybe, in the future, neuroscience will be able to unzipper the hidden messages in dreams.


I’m a licensed psychometrician, author, and blogger. I’m currently working as a University instructor teaching psychology. I love writing and doing psychological research.