Hello Ian, I have a recurring dream which has gone on for many, many years. In it I am being pursued almost hunted by I presume Aliens. They are desperate to find me. A huge factor in these dreams is spacecraft. Sometimes I am outside and I can see searchlights looking for me. Sometimes I am hiding in buildings and smaller craft fly by ever so slowly looking in windows trying to spot me. Naturally I feel frightened but always somehow manage to escape. I would really like to know the meaning of this dream. Many thanks, Dave.

Dream Meaning
When we dream of being pursued or hunted, there is some unanswered need that we have in waking life and we are not acknowledging it or doing anything about it. Dreaming about aliens usually means that our unresolved need is about doing something that seems alien or unfamiliar to us. The desperation of the aliens to find you reflects that fact that you are very keen to meet this need.

The spacecraft indicate that there is some form of travel associated with this need. It may be that you would like to journey to some unusual and exotic location or perhaps just change your daily routine in some way. However, change can very often be scary and no matter how exciting the prospect might seem we sometimes just try to ignore it and hide away instead.

Your dream is urging you to allow some change into your life. This doesn’t mean that you have leave behind everything that is known and familiar to you. All you have to do is be open to new experiences and make the most of unexpected opportunities. Just trust yourself to go boldly to places that you haven’t gone before.