Hello Ian!
On reading your section on dreams in the Sunday Mail newspaper,was wondering if you would be able to bring some clarity to a couple of dreams.
one of my girlfriends whom has just split from her boyfriend,appeared in my dream she was wearing a red dress and looking very beatifull,i remember seeing a crystal in the dream,my friend also smiled at me,i awoke feeling very happy.

When a man dreams about a woman he is usually reflecting on his own intuitive nature and his creative abilities.  An independent woman appearing in your dream shows that you are becoming consciously aware of your talents and these are becoming more apparent and tangible in your waking life.  The red dress that she is wearing shows that you are passionate about your artistry and this realisation fills you with energy and excitement.

Her beauty reflects your awareness that you now have the imagination and opportunity to personally create beautiful work.  The crystal shows that your creative ideas are precious to you and that you are beginning to gain clarity into how bring them to life and realise their true value. Your ability to focus and display your creativity is reflected by how the crystal can absorb and transmit light.

The girl smiling at you shows that you are happy and optimistic about exploring your creative urges. Although you are passionate about your innate talents, you are often unsure of the best way to express and display them. You can sometimes find them a bit overwhelming and this shown in your other dream about the escaped black lion at the zoo.